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Programming: Itay Noy

Gil Keren - Wedding planner in israel

Gil Keren is an Israeli wedding planner. Well, that's not all he does, obviously. He is also a party planner, and if you've ever been to one of his parties, you'd know why he is THE man to go to, regarding parties and weddings in Israel.

On top of being a great planner, Gil is also a great guy who loves his job. When we talk about work, Gil always goes on about how much fun he had planning that guy's party or that couple's wedding. He always says that his inspiration is the couple itself.  He can always find something amazing to do for each client, and believe me, when he says amazing, he means just that.

There's a saying "I don't remember what I had for dinner; I just remember that the girl was gorgeous and the place was great". Gil finds the best way to make his clients look gorgeous and to make the place look great. I think that this is his real talent when it comes to planning events- he can just make it work.

I remember going to one of the Israeli weddings that he planned- it was smack in the middle of the desert, in the middle of nowhere. And right in the middle of that nowhere, a beautifully designed classic Israeli wedding, with everything we could have wanted- it was comfort and luxuriousness beyond belief. I remember talking to him the next day- he was just thrilled about it. He loves creating events in the desert, "When it all comes together, you really feel the joy of the party", he says.

There's something about being at an Israeli wedding, something that you don't experience in other weddings- there's a certain joy and happiness that you rarely see in other places. Gil says that's why he likes planning Israeli weddings so much- as someone who is very experienced (and may I add very good) at his job, he says that the weddings in Israel are the best in the world when it comes to joy, food and fun.

Last time I talked with Gil, he invited me to a sea side wedding he was planning. This is another favorite of mine when it comes to Israeli weddings. Though with a shore line that spans almost two thirds of the country, it's surprising that there aren't more weddings in Israel that take place on the sea side. I know it's going to amazing, I'll update in my next post.